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Mackenzie (Kamloops, BC)

Wayne is a phenomenal teacher. He encompasses all types of yoga techniques. My yoga skills have increased substantially while having classes with him, focusing on alignment, breathwork and engagement. I would recommend him for anyone looking to grow their yoga practice.



(Kamloops, BC)

Paula‚Äôs smooth, well planned foundation flows help participants work toward the yoga goals of strength and ease.  Each pose is introduced with attention to proper alignment to ensure participants improve their skills, develop strength and increase their enjoyment of yoga. Paula shares her broad knowledge of anatomy to explain how each pose benefits the body in specific ways. Her sessions are the perfect start to the day for both beginning and experienced yogis. 


(Campbelltown, NSW, AUS)

He teaches with honesty, insight, and integrity. His group facilitation is safe, caring and creates a supportive environment, with humour as an essential ingredient. He actively listened without judgement and has a gentle heart. I have learnt to be more in the present moment. And it has given me greater inner strength and peace of mind. I would highly recommend any of Wayne’s meditation courses.


(Kamloops, BC)

Having practiced for years with Wayne as both a fellow student and now a teacher, I have been witness to his commitment and passion for a more soulful and balanced life that he not only practices with himself but has an innate desire to share with other like-minded souls.

His gentleness and compassion allows one to explore their journey of practice with yoga and meditation without judgement. He reminds us to love ourselves in this ever-changing often confusing world and brings us back to our Centre, ultimately who we really are. I am grateful for his skill, knowledge and guidance.