Mindfulness Studio

Welcome to the Mindfulness Studio!

We are a virtual studio offering yoga and meditation classes at all levels. 


Our vision is to provide spaces to create inner peace moment to moment.


Integrity – Our instructors are professionally trained and always have your best interest in mind

Compassion – We care about your well-being and are committed to treating you with understanding and kindness.

Mindfulness – We invite participants to be open, curious and reflective of their experience.

Community – You are not just our students but a part of our diverse and inclusive community.


Team Members


Mellissa 200 RYT

Mellissa has been teaching yoga since 2011.

She has a background in personal training and is certified in Hatha & Pre/Post Natal, as well as Yoga for Pelvic floor health.  Mellissa completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at the Vancouver School of Yoga and immersed herself in offering classes for all levels and abilities.  She has a passion for guiding people through classes and offers modifications to suit individual needs. 


Mellissa’s strives to inspire and motivate others to live their best lives through holistic living, mindfulness & movement. 


When she’s not teaching yoga, you will find Mellissa riding her mountain bike, walking her dog, or playing outside with her twin daughters. 

Mellissa gently leads us on our mat with care and compassion each class” ~Sandi (Kamloops)
“What I enjoy about yoga with Mellissa is her sensitivity and attention to gently guiding while teaching .  I also enjoy the candid sharing about her life experiences and the little things that make life beautiful.” ~ Monique (Kamloops)
Mellissa is a combination of emotionalism, spiritualism, and just plain fun and encouragement! ~ Anna (Kamloops)


Paula RYT500

Paula has been involved in the fitness industry for over 25 years, in various disciplines. Her latest love is yoga. She is a certified 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher.
Paula’s experience with past fitness expertise as well as a career in healthcare make her knowledgeable and mindful in human anatomy and alignment. Her knowledge base and amazing interpersonal skills make her a joy to have in the studio


“She gently guides each and every one of her students to discover their personal journey in the constant evolving practice of yoga. She teaches us not to come into the perfect pose but how to perfectly come into the pose. Her gentle ways reaffirm how important it is for us to be gentle with ourselves and remain free from judgement. I am grateful for her and every class I’ve taken with her. “- Roxanne (Kamloops, BC)


Vivian E-RYT200

Vivian is an E-RYT 200, certified in Restorative, Yin , Kundalini and Hatha. Her passion for yoga  has spanned over 10 years. She has been sharing practice as a yoga teacher since  graduating from Semperviva Yoga School, in 2017.  On the mat is where Vivian found something beyond movement and that was a deep connection to inner peace and awareness she loves to share this in her classes and hold space to explore beyond physical flexibility .


“Vivian’s classes are warm and welcoming. She is thoughtful and conscientious about providing a safe atmosphere for each participant to explore and build  his or her flexibility and range of motion. Each pose is carefully explained and demonstrated giving options and support for those recovering from injury or surgery as well as providing challenges for those who wish to push their limits a little.
She makes a point of checking with participants for feedback and adapts her class as needed. Vivian cares about the people in her classes and wishes to make a difference in their lives.”
Irene (Kamloops, BC)


Wayne, RYT500

Wayne has been practicing yoga for over ten years. He is a certified 500 HR Registered Yoga Teacher based in the Anusara style of yoga. Anusara is a form of Hatha yoga which means flowing with grace, following your heart. Wayne offers Slow Flow 1 and 2, as well as more advanced yoga classes.
Having been a practitioner of meditation for over thirty years, he also teaches meditation and mindfulness. Wayne spent five years of living in a Meditation Sanctuary in the United States under the guidance of an ordained Vedic monk. Wayne has recently released his first book; The Dance of Dynamic Peace (www.wporterfield.com/book)
“Breath. Alignment. Breath.  Wayne’s meticulously planned flows are often themed to increase flexibility and strength for specific body regions. Attention is also given to improving and fine tuning alignment so I receive the maximum benefit from the poses.  The focus on breath means I leave each session refreshed and spiritually strengthened.” Trudie  (Kamloops, BC)